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Exclusive Services

Dr. Natashia conner

Public Health | Health Equity | Social Change Researcher | Program Management||ORCIDID:0000-0003-3590-1610 | ResearcherID: ITV-7505-2023


Senior Public Health Strategic Analyst with a substantive knowledge of racial equity and approaches to reduce disparities and inequality; over ten years of specialized expertise in health program planning and academia, data analysis and dissemination, and leadership.

Manuscript Review

We offer manuscript reviews provide content-focused, big-picture feedback on an entire manuscript (not copy editing). Feedback is sent via email and provides a summary and comments written directly on the manuscript regarding out subject matter expertise.

ResearcherID: ITV-7505-2023

Panel Discussion& Workshops

We offer panel moderation to facilitate a panel discussion(s) by talking about a specific topic to the panelists and audience regarding racial and health equity focused projects. We offer leadership through high quality, dynamic workshop facilitation, structured coaching of proven skills, engagement of target audience group(s) and team(s) activities, and provision of group-case management to include the sharing of information regarding subject matter expertise.

Visiting Lecturer

RHE's health equity researchers have ample experience in investigating health disparities and promoting health equity through research, advocacy, and community engagement. Our scope of work includes establishing a sustainable culture of health equity research aimed at ensuring equitable health outcomes across diverse patients and populations. Our subject matter expertise includes but not limited to 

  • Behavioral health in disease risk prediction and reduction; substance use; mental health; smoking cessation; discrimination, racism, and anti-racism; social isolation; health disparities; maternal/infant mortality; population health; social justice and equity; population science; and/or health behavior change.

Keynote speaker

We Have Powerful Guest Speakers who explicitly focused on topics sure as racial equity, health equity, systemic change, perceived discrimination/racism, as well as barriers to health seeking behavior. We are intentional about progressively realizing the right to health means systematically identifying and eliminating inequities resulting from differences in health and in overall living conditions.

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