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Racial and Health Equity Services, LLC formation was conceptualized in 2014 [known then as Trinity Mother & Baby Outreach, LLC in 2014, which later bridged into Black breastfeeding Research Education Awareness & Support Taskforce, LLC (BREAST 4 Babes, LLC) in 2016] and founded by Dr. Natashia Conner, Ph.D., MPhil, MS, IBCLC, CHES. RHE, LLC was Incorporated in 2022 and its home base is in Cincinnati, Ohio. Racial and Health Equity LLC has provided various services in the category of Health and Human Services such as Racial & Health Equity Services which focuses on creating plans for advancing structural change within programs, units/divisions, and departments;  Data Analytical & Evaluation Services that focuses on quality improvement work, service utilization, and comparative effectiveness and involve subject matter expertise in health education, social sciences, racial equity, cost-effectiveness analysis, comparative effectiveness analysis, quality improvement work, policy analysis, and ecological studies design; and Program Development, Organizational, and Strategic Planning Services to assist government agencies with improvements to current policies and services and developing comprehensive strategic planning tools for many years. We have adequate financial and human resources coupled with robust organizational management strategies hence we have the capability to perform the services outlined in this RFR. We have been providing services consistent with the RFR for over 10 years.

We have provided health-related consulting services that incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion to various entities such as learning institutions, non-profits, businesses, and government agencies and departments. We have provided advisory services to boards and administrative teams by consulting on all aspects of diversity and inclusion, including issues of race/ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, and age on health-related matters. We have specifically addressed best practices with respect to retention, mentoring, recruitment, and creating a pipeline of a diverse staff that represent the various shades of people in the USA on health and healthcare subjects. We have conducted assessments to gather data regarding diversity and inclusion within the workplace and other operating environments and made recommendations for future action in healthcare systems. We have worked with healthcare institutions, departments, and businesses to create multi-year strategic plans designed to improve diversity and inclusion practices and performance.


We have provided coaching to board members and senior administrators of various institutions, departments, and businesses to increase their multi-cultural competencies on health care issues. We have conducted small interactive workshops designed to increase awareness about diversity and inclusion and educate staff at the entities we have worked with about how to communicate across lines of difference to build more inclusive cultures for both staffs, those they serve, and other key stakeholders. We have worked with institutions, departments, and businesses to create a mentoring culture to increase retention and develop a pipeline of a diverse staff. We have worked with institutions to develop policies that ensure they source their staff from diverse demographics including minorities to accurately capture the different shades of people in their respective in their locality. The policies we have developed with such institutions have for instance dismantled bias in the recruitment process and have ensured that minority candidates with qualifications and experience needed by those institutions have an equal chance of being hired just like their peers from the majority groups. We have helped institutions and departments evaluate their current process to discover where unconscious biases exist in the past and developed strategies to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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