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Health Equity Projects

This page highlights some of our projects. It's a great opportunity to help you understand the context and background of our latest work. 

Service(s): Organizational Change, Diversity Equity & Inclusion, Community Engagement, Project Management, Strategic Planning

Organization: Massachusettes Department of Public Health, Boston, MA 

DPH launched the Vaccine Equity Initiation (VEI) in 2021 to work with communities hardest hit by COVID-19. This initiative springboarded the need for community engagement to elevate the needs of specific populations beyond COVID-19. RHE, LLC. leveraging evidence-based best practices and theory into practice to develop public health planning model and strategic plans in accordance with specified regulatory requirements; carried out an organizational assessment to determine problems affecting its operation and proposed solutions to improve their work culture and program operations. Our responsibilities included developing tools for the leadership team to include stakeholders analysis, SWOT/TOWS to provide a focused assessment of risks to public health, behavioral health, and healthcare sectors; PRECEDE/PROCEED model to provide a systematic approach to internal performance and health equity process surveillance systems; and optimized resources and streamlined health care delivery processes. Additionally, our responsibilities included providing managing and providing project management consulting services, project planning, and coordination (2022).

Image by Martin Sanchez

Service(s): Social Science Data & Evaluation: Discrimination/Racism as determinants of Health

Organization: B.R.E.A.S.T. 4 Babes, Inc., Philadelphia, PA

RHE, LLC. aided in a qualitative research study used to conceptualize the multidimensional constructs of the social-ecological model to investigate the individual, interpersonal, institutional, and community-level structures and existing policies in birthing centers that inadvertently harbor biases that impede care for Black mothers. Our responsibilities included; Managing and building internal and external stakeholder relationships and communications strategies, Collaborating closely with others to develop new surveys and questionnaires, testing survey links, and proofreading documentation, Develop programmatic infrastructure, systems, and strategic sustainability plan to include community-focused public health and clinical experts to guide program activities (2019, 2020, & 2021).

Image by Faith Eselé

Service(s): Project Management, Health Equity, Program Administration, Community Engagement

Organization: Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, University of Cincinnati Medical Center, Southwest Ohio Breastfeeding Coalition, University of Cincinnati

Project: Annual Conference(s) to Eliminate Racial Disparities in Breastfeeding & Infant Mortality, Cincinnati, OH

RHE, LLC. operating as a strategic planning consultant to assist community-based organizations, the local boards of health, and other health agencies with improvements to current health inequities regarding health services and infant mortality, developing comprehensive strategic planning tools for eliminating racial disparities. Serving on the conference planning committee, Chairing the conference poster session, serving as a content expert, conference host, workshop speaker, and key topic moderator/presenter: Annual Conference to Eliminate Racial Disparities in Breastfeeding and Infant Mortality, Ohio Infant Mortality Summit (2016, 2017, & 2018)

Image by Simon Daoudi
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